Aqua Vitae aliejiniai feromonai vyrams 30ml (Liquid Alchemy Labs)

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7 feromonų mišinys Alpha – 30ml (Kategorija ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗)


Aqua Vitae utilizes a proprietary mix of seven high quality pheromones, with the main pheromone being Androstenone.

  • Androstenone causes a dominant, influential, alpha impression, resulting in high sexual anxiety and selection.
  • Androstenone is known for the capability of making both sexes more considerate and courteous to the wearer.

Six other pheromones are in the blend to help steady and supercharge the use of Androstenone, balancing out its intimidating affects while escalating the trust and friendliness feelings, maintaining the influential aura of the strong male. We push the pheromone levels as high as is sensibly possible, making this one of the highest quality pheromone blends today.

Our proprietary mix will give your image numerous influential enhancements above the Androstenone effects, like

Smen will feel drawn to you and have more passionate feelings when you are near.
You will give the feeling of being more manly, full of life, and healthy.
Your being there can actually lift womens spirits and even ease depression making them want to be around you.

This pheromone mixture has been created in an unscented base so that you can apply it with any cologne of your choosing.

We could go on ceaselessly with reasons and promises but the best way to know, is to DO, otherwise you are just dreaming. It is not like you require consent. Go for it.



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