Yes For Lov

YesForLov Adult cosmetics from France

2008 on the Champs-Elysées. In this black and white department store, entirely redecorated in YESforLOV colours. The first luxury brand exclusively dedicated to sensuality was born.

Very popular Yes For Lov aphrodisiac perfume is Rejouissance for Men, Rejouissance for Women 50ml, Rejouissance for Women 100ml. These aphrodisiacal scent notes help to seduce men or women.

No sooner had the brand set up shop in its Parisian showroom, than the whole press greeted its caressing buttocks cream, which was being applied to the butts of the most glamorous stars. This precious, iconic, and naughty treatment was unloaded on the Majestic beach in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival.

Season after season, YESforLOV products innovate and inspire people to dream. Through allowing limitless sensual discovery day after day, and night after night, the passion that exists tomorrow is uncovered..

Since then, the French brand YESforLOV has continued to radiate in the heart of luxury boutiques, cosmetic shops, and love stores existing all over the world. Echoing through the ears of romantics; it is simply a yearned for, frisky, and sophisticated indulgence in love.

French company offers adult cosmetics such as lubricants, massage oils, massage candles, aphrodisiac perfume for women and men. Specific products for intimate zones. Special elixirs for better female orgasm.

Aroma Fero top sellers are “Allover lubricant” that can be used as lubricant and massage gel. It has light and sexy scent. YesForLov offers high quality, safe for skin, not tested on animals intimate lubricants with hyaluronic acid “Moisturizing lubricant“, “Warming Lubricant“, “Cooling Lubricant“.

Premium Quality Massage oils are offered with a arousing scents “Bewitching Massage oil”, “Tittilating Massage oil“. The same fragrances were used in a premium massage candles “Tittilating Candle“, “Bewitching Candle”.

Products for strong female orgasm – G SPOT, Clitoral Excitement Gel. For a stronger sensitivity, during the sex – “Couples Elixir“. Very effective product for a better erection, and longer sex, men should use “Pleasure Prolong Formula“.

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