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Liquid Alchemy Labs Pheromones
LAL Pheromone ingredients come from all over the world and their completed perfumes are sent back out across the globe. Balance, it is a beautiful thing..
LAL-MONES offers premium quality and very potent pheromones. This company is located in Hawaii USA. Garry the manager creates very strong pheromone products for men to attract Women.
Liquid Alchemy Labs WOLF
his company offers pheromone oils, pheromone colognes. You just need to apply several drops. Best Pheromones for men areBad Wolf is a pheromone oil for men, recommended for advanced users, Wolf Pheromone (Dominance, Authority, Respect), Aqua Vitae is well balanced Pheromone cologne with a nice scent or unscented. Liquid Alchemy Labs also offers Pheromone Gels – Nude Alpha Gel, SXD-9, Overdose, Aqua Vitae Gel.

Specific products for Asians such as “Asian” or “Asian for Asians“. Social Pheromones – Nude Alpha Pheromone, Hypnotica. Dirty Primitive a combination of copulins and androstenone.

Why LAL products are so popular? Answer is – they are very effective, great reviews. LAL creates pheromone formulas over a decade.

Since 2012 they started working with and started offering their pheromones to the European Market.

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