‘Wolf’ Kvepalai su Feromonais Vyrams 30ml

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‘Wolf’  Kvepalai su Feromonais Vyrams (30ml). Gamintojas ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’, JAV.

  • Tipas – Vyrams traukti Moteris
  • Kvapas – Su Kvapu (2 versijos)
  • Aplikacija – Purškiami



For the Wise and Powerful Leader. WOLF cologne starts with dry citrus notes, that settle quickly into a warm, faintly sweet scent with a dark herbalaromatic cast. It continues to get warmer the longer it is on skin, eventually drying down to a mild blend of woods, light amber and lots of musk.

WOLF, the word brings many images and feelings to mind, dark forests, high mountains, moving shadows, the full moon, and feelings of not being quite safe. A howl in the night and everyone looks uncertainly at each other. How close is it?

Some American Indian tribes believe that they are descended from wolves. I like the idea. I don’t claim to understand it, I just like it, this mystique that surrounds the wolf. Its magic is intoxicating.

Then the pheromones, not that they came second as I worked on both at the same time. When one would become too frustrating I would switch to the other. I at least had a better idea where I was going with the pheromones. However, getting it exactly right and consistently producing the results that I wanted has been taxing, with part of the problem being that people are only going to pay so much. So, when is good enough good enough, especially when you are trying to make something astounding?This is the feeling that we have attempted to induce with WOLF Cologne. That is part of the reason it has taken so long to bring it together. Not only was the scent organization complex, the pheromone formula was complex, with over 8 human pheromones or pheromone like substances. Besides, I mean, what should wolf smell like? We tried hundreds of formulas, we even tested existing perfume and colognes trying to get some idea if anything on the market inspired the feelings of wolf. I knew the spirit of what I wanted but when it came down to the actual scent. First it was too sweet, too musky, too wet dog. Not enough of this too much of that. Everyone had a different idea of what it should be.

You see we were not going for the lone wolf thing. We set ourselves the goal of creating more of a leader type vibe. I wanted something that made people not only like and trust you, but also look up to you with admiration and respect. Our goal was to create a pheromone mix that would put the wearer in the position of leader. Inspire trust, lust, and the desire to obey, and yet keep the wearer above and separate from others. We hoped to create the feeling in people that they are privileged if the wearer of WOLF decides to talk with them, or give them attention.

Users of WOLF should be considered elite, I think that would be a good word for it. As I said, we are not going for the lone wolf thing here. We are going for the wise powerful leader that everyone wants to be, or be with.

Many men no longer fit this character type, but for those of you who are, or desire to be this sort of man, those of you who have not been tamed.

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