Lacroy Pheromones New Pheromone Additive
LaCroy  is a pioneer company in the use of pheromones since 1996. LaCroy has identified a range of pheromones that are known to display high pheromonal activity, which are synthesized to pharmaceutical levels of purity and added into our products.
This company provides analytical proof of the quality and concentration of pheromones in the mixes.
Most Popular product is NPA (New Pheromone Additive). NPA from Lacroy is the only one original product. Another company “Love Scent” sells less effective product with the same name.

Pheromone colognes with nice scent EDGE for Men and EDGE for Women. NPA Touch is developed for closer relationship. Impi for sex.

Pheromones help to attract an opposite sex, look more attractive and sexy.

Do you want to enjoy that extra edge in business and sales?
Do you want to increase your sexual confidence?
Do you need to boost your self-esteem?
Do you want to be more attractive?

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