“Sexual Attraction” Kvepalai su Feromonais vyrams EDP 15ml (Eromed)

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“Sexual Attraction” kvepalai su feromonais 15ml


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Sexual Attraction – kvepalai su feromonais vyrams, traukti priešingą lytį.

Feromonų kompozicija:

  •          Alpha androstenol (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol) – popularity pheromone
    It is responsible for charisma and popularity, it may also draw the masses to you. This substance creates friendly atmosphere and aura around you. It also emits chemical signals notifying about good health condition, fertility and sexual attractiveness. It creates the impression of openness. The same pheromone increases and amplifies emotions around us. Other people see you as more attractive and are more open to contact with you.·         Beta-androstenol – attraction pheromone
    Chemically it is a compound almost identical with alpha-androstenol, but this one facilitates communication on a deeper level. It helps with attraction of people of opposite genders, and it creates the feeling of deep friendliness and comfort from being together at the same place, regardless of gender. This compound creates the impression that a newly acquainted person has been known for years and it makes the woman feel secure when close to you.

    ·         Androstenone (5a-androstane-3a-ol-17-one) – leadership and sex pheromone
    This is a pheromone generated by both men and women. This compound usually creates an aura of domination. Men with high concentrations of this pheromone in the body are always in the centre of attention, are perceived as leaders, are admired, respected and gain attention of people around them – these are so called alpha males. The pheromone creates vibrations influencing increase of sexual tension. It is often related to desire and taken into account during partner selection. This chemical compound also creates an aura of security and reliability.

    ·         Androstadienone (Androsta-4-16-dien-3-one) – love pheromone
    Androstadienone is a pheromone influencing brain activity in women. It is used by men in order to encourage women or to make good contact with people of the same gender. One of more interesting effects of the substance is mood improvement in people around us, and lessening and soothing of pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms in women! It is reflected in an increased feeling of intimacy and comfort and increases the feeling of caring. It is called “love pheromone”because of the nature of feelings and reactions it causes in women



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