Pheromone Treasures

Pheromone Treasures
Pheromone Treasures manufacture some of the most potent and complex pheromone colognes and perfumes on the market designed to enhance your social interactions. PT pheromone products will help to attract the opposite sex, gain social status, increase love and affection between others, earn people’s trust, and simply just improve yourself and have fun!

This company has a different Pheromone formulas for a different occasions. Very popular PT pheromones are “The Hookup“, “Grail of Affection“, “Captain“. John Loda discovered and offered to a market a putative Pheromone astaxanthin. This molecule was used in their orginal product “SWOON“.

Social product is “Aura of Amity“. Special product to attract Asian Women call “Auraental“., for Indian Women “Desi“.

Alpha status pheromone formula from Pheromone Treasures is “Alpha Treasures” and sex formula “Zero to 69“.

How is Pheromone Treasures different from other pheromone companies? I, John Loda, the creator of PT, am not just some company throwing random pheromones into a bottle and making unproven claims. I have been a pheromone expert and enthusiast for over 10 years.  I wear pheromones every day, and I keep a journal of how different pheromones affect different people of different races, age, relationship status, locations, hair color, height, weight, everything! The list goes on. Check out our What are Pheromones? page for a more detailed description of pheromones and our accomplishments in designing pheromone formulas.

We also are not some company that resells another companies products.  WE MANUFACTURE ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS OURSELVES!

When you buy our products, you will know that every drop of every product has been carefully designed and engineered to fit your needs!  I am so confident in my products that if you are not satisfied for ANY reason, return the product to us and we will refund you your money.

So take the leap and Discover the Treasures of Attraction. You deserve it!

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