LACE GARDEN Teo Cabanel, Parfumuotas vanduo, EDP – 50ml


Teo Cabanel Moterims 50ml + Feromonai Nemokamai!

A Splendid Bouquet of White Flowers. Imagine a French garden bathed in soft light: you are experiencing Teo Cabanel’s delicate and romantic Lace Garden perfume… The delicate scents of white flowers have woven a veil of soft lace as an ode to timeless feminine grace.

Let yourself be swept away by just its touch of light lemon ylang-ylang. Now lean closer into the heart of a lavish bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose where mysterious magnolia awaits to be discovered. Generous vanilla tints are magnified by a hint of benzoin. In a final wooded powdery accord, Lace Garden rewards your skin with a divine sensation.



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